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Our passion for cleaning continues during the Covid-19 outbreak, however, our services continue to operate with some slight changes to ensure the health and safety of all our cleaning team.


Our cleaning team is being guided by and continue to adhere to, the latest Government guidelines on cleaning inside people’s homes and workspaces during the Covid-19 outbreak.


We’re doing our bit to reduce the risk in spreading the virus…


  • We are taking all of the relevant actions to protect both our cleaning teams and our clients during the COVID-19 outbreak.  During lock-down, our cleaning teams were asked to successfully complete a COVID-19 risk assessment, produced by the Virtual College.   


  • Wherever possible, we continue to ensure that our clients receive the same cleaning professional for each clean and that our cleaners only use their own cleaning products, avoiding contact with client products available around the household or workplace. During each clean we pay special attention to frequently touched areas such as; light switches, door handles, cupboard handles, tables and counters.


  • Our cleaning professionals work in teams of no more than two persons and they will remain in that same work bubble for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak. Should a member of our team display Covid-19 symptoms then standard self-isolation protocol will be introduced for their work bubble and clients will be informed.


  • Our cleaning teams are supplied with hand sanitiser at all times and they are encouraged to wash their hands frequently in warm soapy water and wear protective gloves where possible.


  • Our teams are instructed to provide a social distance from team members and clients of at least 2 metres, where possible, at all times.


  • Our cleaning professionals are provided with washable face-coverings and are encouraged to wash their face-coverings after every use. It is not essential for our teams to where face-coverings whilst cleaning in unoccupied rooms - but they are instructed to wear face-coverings in environments where social distancing is less than 2m and more than one client is present. Our clients are advised to remain in alternative rooms whilst cleaning is taking place. Should our client request that face-coverings need to be worn, then our cleaning teams are prepared to do so.


Protecting our team…


Our cleaning professionals must not clean if anyone in a household or workplace has symptoms, are shielding or self-isolating.

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