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Cleaning Up Last Year's Mess!

First day returning to work in 2021 and we're all back in lockdown again!

When it comes to cleaning our team are often a bunch of miracle workers - as our clients will often tell us - but with all the good will in the world, sadly, we are not able to clean up the trail of mess left behind by Covid 19, in 2020.

However, on a brighter note, please rest assured that we are still on hand to clean up your festive mess from 2020 - and are able to keep you feeling fresh well into 2021!

We'd like to let our customers know that we are continuing to work through the current lockdown following advice from the Government. We are taking every possible step to ensure that both employees and customers are kept safe from the virus.

Please note: Until further notice we are not taking on new (regular) domestic cleaning contracts. However, we are still open for commercial businesses and domestic spring cleans.

Should you have any commercial queries then please contact Richard: 07948 799 612 or via email: For more information about working in homes and businesses during lockdown, please follow the Government Work Guidance Notes


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